The Antivirus Store is family owned and operated by Brent Warf. He strives to provide the best customer service experience for his customers. Brent has over 10 years in IT experience. He has four beautiful children and a lovely wife to keep him company. His previous business name was Underground Computer Gurus, and had over 1,000 sales on ebay from 2012-2018. Underground Computer Gurus was on bonanza, eBay, and Amazon during 2017-2018.

In 2018 Brent’s website domain was hijacked by someone who lives in China. This caused an increase awareness that you never need to forget to renew your domain. With his business website address stolen, he realized that he needed to create a new brand and start from scratch. This is when The Antivirus Store was born.

Brent has been able to design this entire website with the capability of delivering your product keys safely and securely. If you have any questions please feel free to contact him.

“Whether it’s web design, development, computer repair, or an increase in your sales; I’m here for you. This business helps support my family; I’m honored to serve you.”   – Brent

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