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We provide IT Services that you can depend on. 

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Payment Options

Need Remote Assistance?

We provide remote assistance for just $25 per hour. Give us a call so we can give you direct assistance. 

Operating System Reinstall - $99.99

This service will completely erase everything on your PC and reinstall the operating system that came with the computer when you first bought it. Your computer will act like it did when it was first purchased; quick, and fast.

Consider also adding a backup so that you don’t lose any data during this process.

Installation Fee - $19.99

This is a installation fee for any part or any software program.

Advanced Data Recovery - $999.99

Advanced data recovery services requires a cleaning room. If you choose to use this service we will ship your hard drive to a an advanced data recovery center to be repaired. This service is for hard drives that cannot be turned on, or are no longer functioning. The success rate is between 70%-98% depending on the issue with your hard drive. Contact us if you have questions.

Data Backup - $49.99

This service will backup all of your files and pictures for your computer. Installed programs are not included.

Serial Key Backup - $49.99

This service will backup up to 10,000 different software serial keys. If any of those software keys are on your computer, we can back it up for future use. For example if you purchased Microsoft Office, we can retrieve your serial key so that you can reinstall it again.

Laptop Hourly Fee - $40/Hourly

This is a hourly fee charged for installing your brand new laptop screens or motherboards.

Remote Assistance - $25/Hourly

This service provides remote assistance for just about anything that you need. 

DVD Backup - $9.99

A simple backup of anything that you need up to 5 DVD’s.

HDD Clone - $79.99

Completely clone a hard drive so that you can use it on a new system.

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